Japan 2018: One Missed Connection & 2 Buses Later

Finally starting my travel blogs proper. And yes, that was how the entire trip began as per the title. So what happened was that my original departure flight from Changi was scheduled to depart on 0040 Hrs 8 November, but ended up getting delayed due to thunderstorm warning. Which meant that the air control tower … More Japan 2018: One Missed Connection & 2 Buses Later


Back from my 14 days (technically its 13 days as I left Tokyo on the morning of 21 Nov 2018) long holiday and sure it feels good to drop my routine (read: forget adult responsibilities) and just chill/enjoy the moment. And the moment I opened up my laptop this morning to catch up on some … More Back


Before I could even do some sort of D-xx countdown, I only have less than 2 days left in Singapore before my red-eye flight on Thursday morning *gasp* Have been totally unproductive & sluggish from late last week till now, and since today’s a public holiday (Deepavali) – its a great time to catch up … More Revitalise-D


Have an entry lined up from last weekend that I intend to finish up earlier this week (even had a photo collage prepared for the entry as well), only for my writing momentum to get derailed by a self-entitled smart-aleck client who eventually ended up behaving in an overbearing manner towards me. Thus this rant. … More Rant


I have 2 drafts waiting but haven’t been able to get into the writing mood and so here’s something random instead. OK, as I write now, it is one day past my 3x birthday! As usual, uneventful day. However this year, I decided to make it a point to do the things I want to … More 3x