I have 2 drafts waiting but haven’t been able to get into the writing mood and so here’s something random instead. OK, as I write now, it is one day past my 3x birthday! As usual, uneventful day. However this year, I decided to make it a point to do the things I want to … More 3x

It Has Been 2 Years

It seems that I’ll be ending September with a record 5 entries *a pat on the back for myself*. Am slowly but surely getting back some consistently on the writing front which has given me more clarity in the thinking processes behind each daily/major decision(s) made. It is also an apt title for this entry … More It Has Been 2 Years

Evergreen Love

Been a while since I watched a Japanese Movie (the last one was way back in year 2015, on an ANA round trip flight to Tokyo). Recently came across this romance movie titled Evergreen Love and decided that something simple, light and heartwarming will be the way to go for some weekend entertainment (especially after … More Evergreen Love


Still unable to get into a good writing flow for something that I was originally planning to write about. And so, decided to write about something random instead (in part to keep up the writing momentum that I’m slowly getting back). Anyway I sort of came to a realisation last week …… on why I … More Realisation