Food Mission 2019: Wok In Burger

Gonna get this out of my Drafts folder as it is time to write something happier in #contavirus times And what can be more happy than food šŸ™‚ And so sometime back last year, I read about this fusion burger place from a food blog that was founded by the 3rd generation behind the well … Continue reading Food Mission 2019: Wok In Burger

Random Tuesday Thought: Misleading Motivational Quotes

Feel so compelled to write this serious entry now. Confession Time: I was a motivational quote junkie. I actually have close to 1000+ of them saved in my iPad and more in my Dropbox (from my previous iPad history before it got re-booted due to a software issue). However starting sometime from year 2018, over … Continue reading Random Tuesday Thought: Misleading Motivational Quotes

Jung Joon Il – First Snow

Feeling rather heavy hearted lately (PMS Blues?) in spite of the festive season (Chinese New Year) so sort of avoided writing. Will leave the more serious, reflective topics for another time šŸ™‚ Anyway I can't believe I'm like 3 years late to appreciating this drama OST gem Jung Joon Il - First Snow Here's … Continue reading Jung Joon Il – First Snow

The Grass Is Not Necessarily Greener On The Other Side

Back for my 2nd entry in a day, although technically my earlier entry has been in my drafts folder for a good 1+ week before I finished it up today šŸ™‚ There will be times when we will go through moments of disappointment, feeling down and a sense of loss, pathetic, feeling sorry for ourselves … Continue reading The Grass Is Not Necessarily Greener On The Other Side

Not That Abstract After All

There will be times when a statement along the lines of "let's go with the flow" that is being used to describe a situation may come across as abstract to some. Based on the cambridge dictionary definition as below to do what otherĀ peopleĀ are doing or toĀ agreeĀ with otherĀ peopleĀ because it is theĀ easiest thing to do I personally … Continue reading Not That Abstract After All

Trip Planning Begins Again

Coming to the end of my festive break ...... apart from starting to get back into work proper, I also realised that its also time to get back to firming my trip itinerary proper. Didn't manage to do much trip planning over December due to a variety of reasons as stated here, sigh. So, apart … Continue reading Trip Planning Begins Again

December 2019

Last December & last 31st of December of this decade! Which calls for a blog entry šŸ˜› New low - where blogging/writing is concerned but all in all, I would say this after the lows of November (work-wise and emotionally-wise), December turned out to be a much better month for me. Both work wise and … Continue reading December 2019