Stuck Energy

Recently, one of the yoga studios that I practise at had a rest week activity to commemorate International Yoga Day (Friday 21 June 2019). The rest week activity basically involves having self-guided mediation & short practice. While I wasn't able to make it down to studio physically/in person, I decided to try out the meditation … Continue reading Stuck Energy

Lake Toya Part 2

Woke up early enough around 7+ and decided to go for another round of onsen (on a empty stomach) before breakfast. No pictures but the morning soak made a lot of sense as not only was the onsen much less crowded, but yes finally I get to see the clear morning view of the lake … Continue reading Lake Toya Part 2

Lake Toya Part 1

This is most likely the last travel entry for my trip last year before we go into the 2nd half of 2019 and recalibrate. I have written about ramen, donburi/markets, desserts, food reviews for sushi and grilled seafood in Sapporo, and taking the ropeway up to Mount Hakodate for this travel series. While brainstorming for … Continue reading Lake Toya Part 1

Look Beyond The Surface

I'm sure you would definitely have come across this picture in various SNS As per the title of this entry, this picture brings forth the question - what do we see beyond the surface? After all, it is very easy to just judge/envy someone based on what they appear on the surface - after all … Continue reading Look Beyond The Surface

Food Mission 2018: Gotsubo 5坪

Had planned to start off June with a food review entry only to end up trying to decide what to write for the entire Saturday night. After some thought, I decided to blog about Gotsubo 5坪 - as it was one of the most memorable food experiences that I had during my trip. This is … Continue reading Food Mission 2018: Gotsubo 5坪

Itoshi no Eri いとしのエリ

As a consequence of my flu - I am now in the cough-die-me phase. Not helped by having people coughing right into the air without covering their mouths *very irritated and disturbed about it the entire day* Until I almost forgot what I have put in my drafts - which is what I intend to … Continue reading Itoshi no Eri いとしのエリ