Move Forward. Change

So today is probably one of the days where I feel angsty and more easily-triggered than usual (what a way to be starting a new week). And so it got to a point where 'not so pleasant' memories of the gaslighting behaviour (and conditioning) being done to me came back .... which was not good … Continue reading Move Forward. Change

Food Mission 2020: 58 Minced Meat Noodles

Being 'away' from the office since the start of Circuit Breaker since April meant that I had no access to my usual ba chor mee @ Hong Lim Food Centre. Imagine going from having ba chor mee from almost weekly to none in 2+ months - feels like a long time. And so it took … Continue reading Food Mission 2020: 58 Minced Meat Noodles


Time to rant (after some absence) 😛 It is actually election season right now and today is Cooling Day before we go to the polls tommorrow. Apart from having elections admist a pandemic being a new, and somewhat surreal experience, the Phase 2 re-opening that Singapore is undergoing right now also means it is time … Continue reading NATO

Circuit Breaker Eats

If there is one thing that I have been 'avoiding' to do, that is to write/blog after the spate of heavy entries back in May. And so to break the cycle of heavy thoughts and life reflections, I shall blog/document my #CircuitBreaker eats for a change today 😀 With the ban on dining-in as part … Continue reading Circuit Breaker Eats

Truth. Perception

As said, the mental/emotional exhaustion from this #CircuitBreaker is REAL. And so I took a week's break from writing/blogging. Struggled a fair bit with lower back pain (QL area again) the whole of last week - which was quite a b**ch to get out of and seriously dampened my mood/energy. However lesser writing/blogging = 5 … Continue reading Truth. Perception

Instastory Thoughts #2

More thoughts on subtle manipulationSadly, there are such things still happening in our midst.And the scary part is that people don't say such things with a bad intention** (as per my 3rd screencap), but it does make one wonder about their true intentions in doing so. ** It can be subtle, unconscious (learned behaviours through childhood and … Continue reading Instastory Thoughts #2