Weekend Plans …

Made it for Badminton today finally after last Fri’s mishaps (its history now anyway!) and spent a good 1/2 hour out of 1 hour correcting and re-constructing my serve …… SAFRA Toa Payoh is pretty nice environment, better ventilation (maybe it rained earlier ??) and most important – we had cheap & yummy lunch at the hawker centre at Lorong 8 (Prawn Mee, Ngoh Hiang – shared, Rojak – shared, a bit of Fried Kway Teow and sugarcane) …… Will have to wait for another time to try the famous hokkien mee though 😛

Nothing much happening to this coming long weekend (it became a long weekend as a result of the shift in Deepavali date) ….. Anyway GE Run is this Sunday, still have not managed to log down 2 runs per week for the past 2 weeks (as according to training plan) but nevertheless this will be a good warm-up prior to Stand Chart to get into racing mode and just praying hard for NO RAIN (last year it rained before start of race so the Kallang Stretch is blazing hot) …… I guess the good thing about the long weekend is that I can rest without having to worry about going back office on Monday (although I still to confirm a tentative appt for this coming Monday) ……

Speaking of the rain …… Wednesday being a bad enough day (see past entries) – all of things, it rained again 5-ish just as we were about to change to do our weekly group run (from office to esplanade and back) …… As the result of the guilt and discomfort (of NO RUNS this week) , changed plans from usual Thurs spinning to another outdoor run from Raffles gym to Esplanade and back since my bike was already taken by the time I reached (and so this makes 2 consecutive weeks of zero spin class – but will resume again next week I suppose) …… weather was not as breezy as 3 weeks ago when I did the same route, but more importantly, tempo was maintained and no major right foot pain 🙂 …… A sign of things to come, as I left the gym at 9pm, it started to rain heavily so took shelter at a cafe around Market Street for a cup of tea and some faxing to ‘trouble-maker client’ (maybe this particular person has created so much problem that out of the 11 pages, only 8 went through and last checked, only 3 were faxed back, if it is not karma, then I don’t know what is :P) ……

So in short, despite a horrible Wednesday, I managed to do my run (with no rain!) yesterday and when I reached home last night, I had some noodles with left-over soup (hot/warm comfort food) and I got to whack some shuttlecocks today! I’m blessed!

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