Tired & Weary

There is a limit to how much bad news / negative stuff that one can hear / take in a day (esp. when the financial markets and the world economy are already as chaotic as it is) ……

But I suppose being tired & weary (in physical, mental & emotional aspects) has its benefits – I am finally sleeping earlier than I am normally used to …… One major step towards my resolution – sleep and wake up earlier 🙂

On an unrelated note, In terms drama-watching, I am done with Moonlight Resonance (Heart of Greed Part 2) …… Got started on Last One Standing – interesting storyline but this being a darker drama, is not good for my current state of mind right now …… Anyway I just read Dramabean’s review of The World They Live In, sounds interesting so am keen to try that 🙂

Was supposed to do one more email update as planned but I am already yawning ….. Sighz …… This is what happens when you are stressed out and sleep becomes a respite ……


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