Laptop Troubles Again

Talk about plans for a glorious post summing up the week 😛

Laptop troubles for the 3rd or nth time …… this time round, LCD / Motherboard /Graphics Card problems (screen blanks out everytime I put the laptop on power adapter mode) …… Decided to try going on battery mode and well now it works fine …… So now I am pinpointing it to a power / motherboard issue – 1st signs of impending failure *sigh*

Since now it is running fine on battery mode, the next prudent thing to do would be do a quick back-up of all data up to date (most of the documents are already back-up to most current, only problem is if the outlook pst file would work – will double check with my boss again tmr on whether the outlook back-up is done correctly or not) …… and followed by laptop shopping …… The plan was to get a 2nd laptop by this year end (since we anticipate prices to start coming down) but I guess its a bit earlier than planned but well, something to look foward to for the weekend I suppose 😀


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