What A Week It Has Been

Looking back ….. I am rather relieved that weekend is here ….. After going through the myraid of roller-coaster emotions ……

Got a very bad scalp problem on Monday – resulting in lack of concentration and productivity at work …… Managed to temporarily resolve the problem by changing shampoos (got a deep cleansing shampoo for the time being so hopefully condition improves) …… Must be the diet, sleep cycle and ongoing stress (further back-up by rapid pimple outbreak as well) ……

Tuesday / Wednesday were much better days …… Once again I repeat – OBAMA IS THE MAN! Hehe …… I believe his election victory further signifies change in light of the recent financial crisis and global developments like climate change, alternative energy etc. ……

Had to settle some personal matters so work productivity has been on the low side. Anyway did get to spin yest and it was a hell of a Hills/Strength class (the climbs were surely tough!) …… Feeling the ‘guilt’ of not having done a run since my GE run 1+ weeks ago so attempted a short run around Empress Place area after spin class – not a good move in light of a rather tough spin class earlier but simply needed to kickstart those leg muscles (to have ‘that sense of security’) ……

And looks like productivity will continue to stay low now with my already documented laptop issues/problems ……. Just in case you may be wondering, since market is so bad now, got business meh ……. the point is all the more we have to plant our seeds in order to ensure that we reap them come harvest time …… I have got quite a number of items on my agenda to get out of the way but doubt I would get a peace of mind until I resolve this laptop issue …… The ‘symbolic’ thing is a new laptop means change / new start *grin*

Alirght, time to get out of the house now. TGIF Folks!


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