The Deadly ‘Snooze’ Button

Maybe I spoke too soon ……

After waking up nice and early on Monday morning …… It is back to pressing the ‘snooze’ button on my handphone alarm over and over again …… the worst thing is press already and then go back to sleep somemore (and there goes maintaining an early rise up time) …. $&)@&_ &#&@!*# ……

Well, it could very well be that my brain is sliently protesting against going for PD Day 😛 …… I did intend to go for the main compliance update on Tues but got so pissed off over some comment and decided not to go in the end ……

I guess sometimes, when some people say something we dont like to listen/hear, the motivation to simply do the opposite is much stronger – a case of all the more I am going to do that ……

On a more random note, a combination of feeling thristy and needing a sweet fix post-lunch resulted in me trooping down to 7-11 to satisfy my Ribena craving (and I picked up 2 bottles of H-TWO-O as well since it was on promotion and today was Running Day) …… And co-incidentally, this is the 2nd time that I am buying H-TWO-O in advance, and for the 2nd time running, heavy rain again thus ruining my outdoor running plans 😦

Thus to conclude, 2 lessons learnt

1.  Always stick to an early bedtime (to be in bed by 1230am – 1am) + never press snooze button and go back to sleep

2.  Never buy H-TWO-O in advance prior to planned outdoor run


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