Of Bears & Hibernation

As usual, it is a gym-less / work-less / late sleep in Saturday yet again 😦

This is not a good sign …… havent been doing SAT gym for MONTHS *gasp*

And it is not as if I am having a lot of Sat work appointments & going back office on SAT & doing SUN workouts instead …… tsk tsk

Work-wise, 2 major comparisons & analysis work, portfolio reviews & investment updates, seminar project, year-end sprint activities to be planned & mapped out ……

Running-wise, 3 weeks left to Stand Chart …… time to take the runs up a notch 😛

Updates on laptop – made a decision to delay the purchase until SITEX (28th – 30th Nov) …… Quite sure that Acer will up their promotions come SITEX time and hopefully Asus will do so as well ……….

If you are wondering why the title …… Bears hibernate right …… I am hibernating more than doing productive stuffs right …… And moreover we are in a bear market (i.e. referring to stock market) right now ……

Which is why we say Bulls Run & Bears Hibernate 😛


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