What Wendy Hates

Received another condescending (and may I add RUDE) sms again yesterday …… Yes yes I know said person (client) thinks he/she has the right to be rude/condescending or what-so-ever, anyway not much point in continuing the business relationship (from my point of view that is) given this kinda attitude shown but well …… will have to see how things go (I know some will tell me that said person may have a change of heart / attitude later on but frankly, I would not place too much hope on that – realistic way of thinking you may say) ……

Anyway if you are asking a favour from someone, the least you can do is to be nice and cordial …… of course I know the exact reason why this person has to resort to sending out rude sms-es (as versus a nice and cordial worded email request) …… but not too nice to say it out so publicly after all as IMO, the real reason does not reflect on said person that well, if you get the drift ……

Part and parcel of work / life I suppose ……


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