What A Year

Saw and read various news reports on the ongoing violence in Bangkok right now (latest updates from Channelnewsasia states that Bangkok Airport is now closed ) …… not exactly the first time, Phuket airport was also closed some time back (Aug or Sept?) due to some protest/violence going on in nearby region as well ……

Well in such times, when we are already bombarded with all sorts of negative news about another financial institution collapsing, the economy going down, the stock market crashing, your town council ‘mismanging’ their sinking funds …… the above couldn’t come at a worse time (and I just went Phuket not too long ago in July!) …… and so near our shores somemore …… the danger is never more real than today as what you think may not / not likely to happen HAS HAPPENED ……

I suppose safety and complacency is something we can never take for granted as you’ll never know what will happen next ……. So I guess I can now safely strike out Bangkok as one of the destinations I am considering for my next trip (even if the baht drops further, BKK still remains a question mark) ……..

Anyway it is always good if we can keep a level-head and not dwell too much into morale-sapping negative news headlines (since anything you read in the press these days is never positive) and focus instead on living life to the best we can 🙂


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