Friday Digest

Just finished Monthly Group Meeting – which signifies the end of yet another month. More importantly, we are moving into the very last lap of 2008 – DECEMBER!

The month of December means a lot to everything – holiday time .. last lap of production .. festive celebrations (christmas, new year) .. clearing leave .. time to reflect & rejuvenate for the challenges ahead in year 2009 (100% guranteed to be challenging, ha!) ……

Anyway usually after group meeting, I tend to get quite fired up. So I have some acronyms to share here.

S  –  Set your sight

W –  Work Ethic

E – Encouragement

A – Acceptance

T – Tenancity

This was not part of today’s sharing but I really like this one so I might as well put it here

T – Together

E – Everybody

A – Acheive

M – More

Despite the challenging market conditions, one thing I am happy to say with 101% confidence is that I am happy to be where I am right now 🙂

Last Fridays of the month can be safely written off (hard to get work done after a long meeting) … Am off for dinner right now (oops, forget camera again) …… Looking foward to Laptop shopping tmr! Finally one major list down 🙂


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