One Down …… Another To Go ……

Trooped through the crowds in SITEX (held @ expo) yesterday (Sat) afternoon and got my laptop within an hour …… So this marks ONE MAJOR ITEM down on my list + an early christmas present for myself (since travel plans will only happen from next year so no more major expenditures for now) ……

As posted here previously *drum rolls* …… I got the Acer Travelmate 6292 in the end as it was the laptop that fitted within my expected budget and the one that was the most ‘value-for-money’ option …… the other one that I narrowed down was the oh-so-sleek looking Asus F9Sg … really nice laptop and it does have the better parts/components e.g. dedicated Nivida graphics card as compared to my eventual buy BUT overall package was not as good as a deal as Acer (Got $100 off brochure price + for the free/complimentary gift, I took the extended warranty for another 2 years) + generally most people that I know who have been using Acer laptops / computers have found them generally reliable and durable (lasting 3 years or more) …… And so managed to come to a decision after walking 1 round (within 1/2 to 1 hour or so I guess) ……

Heard of another friend’s friend who decided to get hers on the very last day at 8pm (expecting final day clearance and price slashing) …… At the time of writing (10+), I would think by now my pricing would most probbaly be not the best price as there would be some last hour slashing of prices (so as to clear stocks) but then EXPO is on the other end of the island (which is 1 hour on MRT) so decided getting it on Sat was probbably the best option (planned to go in the morning but went back to sleep after checking SMS so ended up going after lunch instead) …… Was sure crowded to the brim and claustophric (could barely squeeze past the Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo booths) + wasnt feeling that great (time of the month had to strike right at this time as well, damn) so got whatever I set out to buy, redeemed my free gifts and cabbed home with colleague (too lazy to explain the long story on how come I ended up paying $20 for cab – it was $40 all the way to Jurong, being splitting between 2 of us) ……

Since time of the month have to strike right at this time also (but nevertheless would clear before my half-marathon this Sunday), I thank my blessings ……. Hmm, a sign that I should go buy some 4D and Toto yah 😛 …… Anyway the rest of the weekend was thus delegated to playing ard my new laptop as a result of the heavy flow and queasy stomach ………


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