Lousy Day

Sucky Day ……

Feeling sian but ok, still lugged gym bag to office …… At 3+pm, client said ok to drop by her place to collect LO at 8+ so made the snap decision to skip run today in order to travel east …..

Did 1-1 discussion with manager and got some new ideas to proceed with project …… managed to finish up draft letter and email out to rest by 6+ …… Just then, client called, saying that husband needs to go through thoroughly before he can sign and worse part is, he is flying off tmr for business trip so delay to next week (but bank deadline for LO is FRIDAY!!) …… If this is the case, should have just gone for my run (at least I get one final shakedown before Stand Chart + burn some calories) …… Started to get a stress headachne and its pissed Wendy all the way, made one phone call (as usual when Wendy is pissed, the other party somehow will miss/not pick up the call) and decided that no point making more and started some mudane tasks (Update Outlook Calendar + Update Commissions Spreadsheet) ……

Oh yes, of all things, some joker on MSN (note: said person does not know existence of this blog) have to make some CRAP comment like “But market is so quiet now? still ok?” …. just because i replied “work is ok” …… come on, market is not good for you (coz’ said person is active in shares market by the way) but no need to generalise. Financial planning is all about long term objective and progress and does not just consist of investment/insurance – its more complex than simply buying an insurance/investment product. A PLAN MEANS A ROADMAP TOWARDS YOUR GOALS & OBJECTIVES – the product is just a tool to acheive the goal/objective …… I only replied said person because one more friend is better than one more enemy, kaoz

My run is ruined 😦 …… OK, shall get nice dinner and RUN TOMMORROW instead (and spin on friday/saturday instead). Ciao!


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