Its 3am in the morning ….. and about to go to bed soon (with no idea on how to continue my draft proposal, sighz – more on that later) ……

OK, with regards to my last entry …… my next item down on my agenda is to trim my bangs (which are getting unbearly long and totally out of shape, argh) …… so decided that I have to do it today and so made a last min call to regular stylist @ Far East Plaza to get it done, otherwise can’t run this Sunday with my bangs covering my forehead …… Thought of trimming a bit of the overall length as well but stylist did my bangs in between her 2 pre-booked appointments so not enough time for a proper trim, so will grow it out more before another trim by year end / beginning of next year (something for the new year *grin*) ……

After which decided to get some dinner in Orchard area + do a bit of shopping …… Found the small eateries at FEP a bit too smoky (and choice of food veering on the oiler and greasier side) so decided to go for other alternative …… Thought of Food Republic @ Wisma but somehow, ‘horror of horrors’ in order to get to wisma, I would have to exit the underpass at the Ion Orchard entrance (a long walk to THAT entrance withstanding) AND take another LONG WALK just to get to the edge of Wisma (where former TOPSHOP & GAP is located) and walk somemore to get to the escalator that will bring me up to Food Republic …… Sian half already so walked back to the Tangs exit instead and walked down, whilst deciding between grabbing a bite at Paragon / Hereen / Cineleisure ( where there is adidas outlet within distance of these buildings of which I planned to get something ) …… Legs were tiring rapidly from walking in heels so decided to just eat at Hereen (so that can go to the adidas outlet at 2nd floor after dinner) …… Bad choice, it was either expensive chicken rice (a new outlet called Cooking Asian Cuisine I think) or Subway or Shokudu ( rapid expansion of the Shokudu branding at work) and Shokudu won the day !!

I tried the Bazaar (aka Marche style) format @ Raffles City and the Pastas @ their Pasta outlet and Coffehouse outlet (in Bugis) and felt should be a safe choice (or so I thought) …… Food Bazaar concept but outlet was much smaller than Raffles City (which means less variety for selection, hmm) and so walked one round and finally got persuaded to get the seafood bamboo rice (as versus the fried seafood udon that I was considering) …… Not so good a choice as it turned out super salty 😦 and feeling unsatisfied so ended up getting another 2 sticks of yakitori (Bacon with prawn + Pork belly with asparagus) which thankfully turned out much better …… BUT which also means that I end up paying more $$$ 😦 …… Another thing I found disturbing about the meal was that there were very little people (more waiters and waitresses than diners, hmm) and given that I was quite put off by the bamboo rice, doesnt bode well for this newly opened outlet leh …… I do hope that the lack of crowd is just a weekday thing coz’ the other food outlets (even those on the 5th floor) is quite packed on Saturdays ……

Anyway despite lousy-to-mediocre dinner, proceed for my main mission – adidas outlet …… Main objective is to get a running cap (for this Sunday’s run, or else confirm will ‘die’ from the heat along the Kallang stretch – my achillies heal whenever I run along there) by utilising the 30% discount from the marathon sign-up …… and BINGO! found a dri-fit cap with the design and colour I want (White!) …… even sweeter is that it was a seasonal sale item (30% off) and when making payment at the counter, I was informed that if I pay by Citibank, I am entitled to another 10% off (since seasonal items are eligible for the citibank promo as well) so total 40% off …… the extra 10% off made up for the Shokudu dinner somehow, so am a happy camper. Instinct told me that Hereen outlet will have what I had in mind and turned out to be so (I always manage to get something from Hereen outlet, co-incidence maybe) …… Can use my 30% discount for probbably another running top (something caught my eye) and maybe a tote bag ……

Decided to take a bus from the bus-stop to take MRT but after 15 min of no buses, decided to walk down to Somerset instead (at least MRT all the way to Boon Lay) …… Another long walk, sian …… nowadays with so much construction going on in Orchard, just feel so put off going down to Orchard these days …… Legs were totally shot by the time I got home …… And I am still stuck at my draft 😦


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