Belated Updates

It has been a while since my last entry ….. Have been DOWN DOWN DOWN since Sunday – where I did my very 1st half-marathon ……

Wait a minute …… rightfully my very 1st half-marathon should be a milestone right …… Hmmmmmm, timing wise, I can say ‘almost’ within expectations, since this is my very 1st time doing such a long distance, no illusions about hoping to acheive a 2 hour plus timing (which means you are about 50 percentile of the pack) ……

I suppose the one good thing that comes out of this maiden experience is that there is motivation and impetus to want to keep on training and running and more half-marathons in the pipeline (and eventually full distance ? why not? I think it is possible to complete it if a proper training plan is drawn up and followed dilligently) …… Time to invest in a proper timing device (one major race problem was the lack of proper signage by the organizers + no timing device/monitor which would keep track of distance covered and timing) as well as needing to start doing the long training runs much earlier ……

Unfortunately body & mind is not in a good shape post-marathon 😦 …… Work-blues continue despite the long weekend and took a day off, hoping to get a last min massage slot (but there was none!) …… and my Tuesday just went downhill from there, coupled with dizzy spells post-lunch …… On hindsight, maybe I could have been less stubborn in insisting on a evening slot and just stuck with an afternoon slot, whatever ……

Whatever it is, the 21 days left to 2008 and time to take things up a notch!!

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