Wonton Story

A short food entry / food review / 2 cents worth of comments 😛 ……

In case you are wondering, Wonton Story is one of the food kiosks located @ Basement 1 of Bugis Junction (recently revamped and renovated) …… was looking for something to eat on my way home and thought a combination of a small bowl of wonton + small bowl of minced meat noodles should be good enough for a low-carb dinner as intended ……

So I decided on a Asparagus T-Bone Wonton (meating filling with 2 sticks of asparagus in between) accompanied with minced meat noodles (which looked pretty yummy) …… Btw I mentioned small bowls right? You may refer to their webbie + this hungrygowhere review for some inkling of HOW SMALL the portions are (ok, first and foremost, I settled on this coz’ I did not want a heavy dinner) ……

A few bites later ….. first and foremost, the wonton itself does not look as crunchy as it is in the pics …… a tad disappointing considering the ‘hoo-ha’ and the fuss they are hyping on how different their wonton concept was …… however the minced meat noodles was a saving grace, noodles were QQ and minced meat and sauce were done just nice, maybe they should sell the minced meat noodles as a single item instead, ha!

Anyway to divert a bit, I previously tried their xiao long baos (side item) as well due to sudden craving and it was nothing to shout about as well …… And if you note, despite all their marketing hype, this stall / kiosk is not as popular as the Japanese Ramen stall that was beside it as I have noted (since I walk through the basement pretty often, and can now officially said to have tried both stalls as well) ……

Makes me want to fly to Hong Kong to have my Mak’s Noodle fix – the holy grail of wonton noodles 😛


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