Gymless Again

Quick One ……

Change in plans over the week meant no thurs gymming (and Selene wasn’t teaching also) ….. only for appointment to be postponed to Sat ……

Whilst I will have more time to prepare (and try to revise/update some of my presentation slides as planned), this also means no saturday gymming yet again, arghhh …… Will just have to try b4 Project X kicks in from Jan 2009 onwards (which means Sat will be burned as a result …. ahhh) ……

And also slept in + need to wrap present for group party later = no calling …. no lunchtime combat class by Elizabeth 😦 …… Thought of dropping some emails but as I am using my Acer laptop right now, I would need to plug in the portable to access the contact list, whatever …..

And 3 more planned days left for Business Plan 2009 – no progress yet 😦 …… yesterday evening, was wondering to myself where did the time go …… oh yes, there was an impromptu fire drill (we did not know abt it beforehand) and so, this is where the time went (we went for coffee session as a result of fire drill) ……….

OK, I suppose still can squeeze half-an-hr for a swim, will pack my swimming gear then 😛 …… shall leave my other thoughts for later I suppose …… Need to grab some lunch now so TGIF folks!!


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