Saturday Lunch @ Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge

Appointment was postponed to after Christmas and thus I got to do Sat gym finally + before that, lunch @ Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge ……

Anyway it was my first time checking out Royal Copenhagen & food review = pictures (friends have noted that no pictures on this blog yet, so far the past entries dun need much of visuals) ……

Let the pictures do the talking ……


My lunch / main course – Selfish Pasta

One of the recommended items. Pasta with lobster tail, mussels and prawns in red pepper essence and pesto. The red pepper and pesto was an interesting combo, and seafood fresh and succilient. The spaghetti portion was just nice.


My pot of Darjeeling tea to sip (note: Royal Copenhagen serves mainly dark teas).


Pretty cakes lying at the counter. And considering Royal Copenhagen is considered a bit more atas, not expensive at all at$4.90 per piece (coffee bean is very much over-priced by this comparison :P) …… Had the blueberry cheese cake + scones to share ….. the cheese cake is very delish, very soft without the overwhelming cheesy smell …… btw I forgot to take a picture of the cake and scones close up ……


A copy of the menu ….. the high tea looks good …. shall come for high tea next time 🙂


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