2009 – New Year New Beginnings

Finally JUST (about 25 minutes ago) completed putting down formally my 2009 New Year Resolutions in writing …… One down …… Next up, Detailed 2009 Business Plan (if you are asking me why so serious and formal, let’s just say I am ashamed about my simple to-do plan when I saw my colleague’s plan – 40 pages neatly typed out and filed …… and so far, he is managed to grow his business steadily and consistently even despite the  current financial crisis) ……

Looking down, I would think this picture would perfectly sum up my year 2008 ……


It has been a roller-coaster 2008, just like the Dow Jones/S&P500/MSCI World Index for all that matter ….. After a not-really-good start to year 2008, some recovery in the months of April and May before more uncertainties continue to plague the market …… until the ultimate bomb presented by itself – a 150 year old financial institution collasping just like that …… and the subsequent fear and anxiety grippling the markets, the persistent negativity plaguing the environment around us, the recession talk ……. the sombre end to year 2008 (as compared to the highs of year 2007) …… the fall from such a high to a low like this has disappointed many, myself included as many have seen a drastic expectations gap …… What a great difference one year on!

Despite not much cheer going on the work-front (especially a very disappointing last quarter – on the activity, production & mental fitness front) …… on a more positive note, in terms of major 2008 highlights,  I finally did my first half-marathon … finally got my own digital camera … new laptop … more travelling /trips (abeit somewhat work-related but can’t complain when it is with people you are comfortable with and can trust to have fun with) ….. and engaging myself a bit more on the social front – the irony is that for both the open parties in 2008, I was in a sian mood – due to work and a host of many other issues/going-ons …. but nevertheless I am happy to say I enjoyed myself immersely in the end 🙂

On a more unrelated note, I have also heard of many major changes happening to ex-company/ex-principal as a result of power struggles and restructuring (many people started to leave afterI left so an ex-colleague was joking that I indirectly started the trend, ha!) …… on more random and quiet moments, despite leaving on not-very-pleasant terms with ex-manager, sometimes I do wonder if I left too hastily (could have planned out better?) esp. in the peak of the market boom …… if I were to plan my move this year though, I would definitely have more time to re-connect with a lot more long-lost clients and contacts (this was a luxury I did not have when I joined current company in June 2007 due to the market boom), do the proper re-establishing and setting of expectations etc. …… After all, for whatever has happened, I believe that it is what the god up there has in store for us …..

I will not be stating down my 2009 New Year Resolutions and wish list here on this blog (don’t want it to be so public after all) BUT life is constantly a work-in-progress and I definitely hope to make a breakthrough and create new heights for myself, with a focused and determined mind ……


Stock market analogy again (I know) …… but I believe after the lows and terrible happenings, there is only one way to go and that is up!! And live everyday with hope and with a smile …….


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