Of The New Year And Change

Before I go into topic proper …… first and foremost, I ate supper (Nissin Cup Noodles + Leftover Fried Rice) ……

Inspiration for sinful supper is for an insipid evening at the office ……

Day was ok …. appointment turned out ok (although would be much more ideal if there was more time!) ….. got a bit of work done ….. short discussion and review notes on Project X …… coffee break cum relax cum gossip session @ TCC with colleagues and product provider …… back at office trying to finish up switch trade and follow-up confirmation (after the appointment earlier in the afternoon) ……

And then the bomb !! Received a SMS from client ….. not a good idea to reveal the contents of said SMS so publicly but to sum it up in 1 or 2 sentences, client is over-reacting to a damn news report again (for the upteenth time!) aka acting up again …… called the client immediately (on hindsight, I am not sure if this was a good idea after all, but somehow if I don’t make the call at 930pm, the next morning, they may just end up calling me at 8am in the morning!) …… spoke to said client …… could sense quite a fair bit of negativity and skepticism in client’s tone (don’t know is it because of that piece of news or maybe just a bad day) and basically whatever I said/try to convince is met with questions and more skepticism …… from experience, many a time, when someone throws something negative, it is a way of trying to seek consensus/agreement/validation/reassurance ….. convo was getting nowhere until I told him – FUND IS CAPITAL GUARANTEED AND WHATEVER PROFIT ALREADY LOCKED IN AND FACTORED INTO THE NAV WILL STAY AS IT IS AND IS NOT GOING TO GET ERODED BY ANY POSSIBLE RUN/MASS REDEMPTION BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY PUT INTO INTEREST GENERATING DEPOSITS (GUARANTEED BY XX GOVERNMENT) ….. it is not what he wanted to hear but nevertheless client said, point taken and drop him a note …… so I told him will drop him a note before the weekend (want to clear other more important stuff in the pipeline first).

Mood was spoilt though, as I was in the midst of trying to finish up switch trade so that I can move on to other items on the list …… So far despite the fact that brain is working a bit too slowly for my own good, but at least started 2009 alright so far, in control pretty much and taking things at a steady pace …… until such spoilers/bummers like that have to upset my mood (and everything else on the applecart) ….. in case you are wondering why am I so so so so mad …..

1.  It is not the first time client is over-reacting to news of this nature and sending funny funny sms-es after reading some news on the internet .. unnecessary paraonia

2. It is not the first time I am repeating facts/content from the prospectus (and even following up with attachments and references via email) and emphasizing the following words – SEGGREGATED TRUST .. CAPITAL GUARANTEE .. RISING GUARANTEE VIA PROFIT LOCK-IN ….. all said to death already 😦

This is precisely the reason why I made a very very very conscious point to propose a review session with them (as a result of all these behavioural tendencies) – yes market is ‘bad’ now and a lot of people are very dissapointed in the market and have a somewhat large expectations gap (said to death one million and one times as well) BUT …… this is also the best time to sit down, do the annual review, put in motion a formalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to set the strategy and expectation right …… because I can guarantee you that once the bull market is back, people will all forget about yesterday’s disasters and start to chiong/chase the market again …… anyway somehow after today’s convo, I now can sense why they were so hesistant to commit to a reivew date and appointment – because they themselves know fully well that what they are doing now is dis-connected with their intended goals and objectives – which means a lot of issues and damning truths to face up to lor …… a classic case of resistance to change, sighz

I cant comment on the other financial advisers that client said let them down but on my own part, I can say with honesty that everything was done openly, facts appropriately presented and disclosed (with the tons of emails to back-up) …… by offering to do up an IPS to sum up the review is going to kill a lot of my time so why can’t they be open to it and appreciate my efforts?

Sorry for the bitching but this kinda shit could never have happened if

1. I brought my running gear and headed for evening run instead (I was the one who kept talking abt resuming training plan and end up I never do my Wed run today) …. everytime after exercise, I don’t hear any bad news and I have a peaceful night in return ….. maybe karma for talking ahead of myself yah …..

2.  I should have kept repeating “Love Me For A Reason” …. “Wo Ai De Ren” on my mp3 …… mood will be set ….. and everything good will happen ……

I also wonder the time and effort spent on giving added reassurances in email writing (but only to get continued skepticsm like just above) could be better put towards catching up with 超級星光大道 on youtube instead ……

So is this piece of news such a big deal when it warranted only a 4 line mention on MarketWatch.com (and even worse still, brokerage which made the recommendation has also taken billion dollar sub-prime write-downs) ……..


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