A quick entry to sum up the 1st week of year 2009 …..

Anyway I finally got to gym on Thursday evening (Selene’s spin class! yay!!) …… despite a tiny-weeny blip (I put my towel on bike no. 16 – I booked the bike on wed evening!! Went to change and had to quene for toilet, hence was slightly late for warm-up … one idiotic guy had to take away my towel & lay claim to the bike, hmmph ….. so had to take another bike in the front row but nevertheless, it was a great workout) ……

And feeling immersely guilty for missing my Wed evening run (only to hear some insensitive remarks from a client that disappointed me immersely), I decided that the best way to dissapate that anger/unhappiness within me is to ….. GO FOR A RUN! Hehe …… Just an easy run starting from 55 Market Street (opposite Republic Plaza), to UOB Plaza, up to the bridge, down Empress Place and loop back to Esplanade Park, right up to Esplanade Mall (instead of till the Floating Platform – usual turn) and heading back to the gym ….. Based on estimations from, should be around 2.5km – 3km ….. Just a easy walk/run/jog to open my account for year 2009!

So that sums up my Thursday evening ….. Was shacked out from all the physical activity so slept in on Friday morning …… Friday nothing much, simple farewell lunch for R (fellow colleague who is heading to Australia – shall not go into the long story why she is taking a break from business and going to Australia) …… felt a bit funny after the lunch at Asian Kitchen Citylink – the prawn wonton noodle I had was not THAT salty, think it could be the various xiao long baos and the mango sago, shucks …… not very productive in office …… and then its off to haircut!!  Long awaited haircut to kickstart the new year, haha!! Decided to continue to keep it long for this next 1/2 year (till the running season starts to kick in) before deciding on yet another shoulder-length cut or maybe a korean-style perm (will thus need the length till the end of the chest line) …… so will evaluate again in June/July bah …… Took simple dinner at FEP after this from the chinese stall near the escalator, after my claypot rice, stomach-achne for the rest of the Friday evening (this is the 2nd time it happened after eating from the exact same stall) so moral of the story – no more patronizing that stall!

Otherwise, weekend has been pretty uneventful ….. ended up sleeping in late on both days and the rest of the time was spent just lazing/pottering around the house, TV-ing, Youtube-ing ….. so much till it feels a tad funny especially if you consider that there was much more activity happening after the previous weekends, haiz …… It could be that I did not book spinning for sat (was thinking of doing one of the afternoon Combat classes at Orchard instead and make a trip down to office) ….. so when thoughts are not put into action and when no concrete plans are made, the dis-orientation just begins …… thus the title of this entry ……

Well there is still time to start ranking up the activity ……  its dinner time now! Ciao!


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