The Perils Of An Early Dinner

My definition of early dinner = dinner at 6pm!

So I ended up having supper …… damn sinful ….. So I guess I would have to make up for it with an extra Group X class and to cover more milege (running) this week 😛 ….. Speaking of which, the lack of saturday gym is making me uneasy (together with the supper) so tmr die die must gym/exercise/workout ……

OK, on a more cheerful note, I managed to find a way to open up my emails on the MS Outlook on the Acer laptop (by copying the pst file onto thumbdrive .. ok will do a synctoy for that in the future) ….. And finally made some progress on the business plan/marketing plan ….. what is supposed to be an activity over the festive season + 1st week of Jan has been very slow in progress …… but nevertheless, can see some ‘shape’ coming in 😛 …..

I had originally intended the upcoming entries to be a TV round up – TV/drama update + 超級星光大道 …… but I guess I will leave that for tommorrow or another time ….. I need to sleep, PD Day tmr *yawn*


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