To Add On

Yesterday evening after seeing ‘that sms’ …… I actually sms-ed back said client clarifying that there cld be some misunderstanding …… she sms-ed me back this morning, still adamant on not changing anything …… Erm in the 1st place, we were only talking about getting an updated post sales illustration in order to properly evaluate the concerned policies, there is nothing to change or what-so-ever (in the first place, client came back to me saying wanna review and restructure her insurance portfolio!!) …..

Either she is over-reacting (client got a history to over-reacting/panicking/fickle-minded ness on small little things) or something must have happened last night to cause this sudden u-turn (frankly this is something I have no control on) …… I am inclined to think it is the latter ……

In case you are wondering why am I so ‘stubborn’ in wanting to turn the client around, well, don’t judge ….. once you see her case file, confirm you will know why …… In a nutshell, client sees the need to restructure and after going through information and such (on this point, I must add that client so far has been very co-operative in giving me whatever I requested for so I cant say that she is totally difficult and expecting the impossible) ……

I guess I just have to keep my cool and hope that logic prevails …… Hopefully good sense prevails and client will make the decision that is best for herself!


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