Wednesday Update …..

Another Wednesday ‘heart attack’ again from client/prospect,argh ….. is it because I did not run again? OK, I did intend to pack my running gear into gym bag this morning but dropped the idea the moment I woke up so no, I did not jinx myself this time 😦 …… and this have to happen after my so nice korean dinner & canele cake, haiz ……

I was also kinda annoyed early in the morning ….. I totally dis-agree with the way company is going about the PD Day these days …… I don’t see why they should take away attendance by 10am, only to practice double standard (by letting selective pple sign at 1030am!!!) …… And the mediocre agenda (save for below mentioned motivational session) just adds on to the inflexibility and high-handedness of the staff concerned …… So as a silent protest I did not sign in my attendance at all and choose to sit out the remainder of the 3 sessions (I mean if you don’t want to let me sign in at 1020am, I still sit in for what, still must do quiz leh – like we are primary school kids like that. Basically my stand is if people are interested enough to learn, they will make the effort to take notes + also d/l the presentation slides from the intranet) …… Sounds like the more you want me to do, the more I don’t want to do kinda attitude, oops ……….

Anyway on a more positive note, I did get to have a sumptuous korean dinner & nice chill out @ Canele (this is seriously better than Bakerzin) …… got some wise words & listening ear from a dear colleague/friend of mine which gave me some light to deal with the situation at hand (in a nutshell, client is over-reacting again but then again, kinda expected from this client as well due to some inherent personal characteristics or what-so-ever) …… attended a very good motivational session today and subsequently plonked down $79 in total for follow up training and book + evening out today – bank acct feels empty sighz ……

Some news here, the much touted consolidation / M&A movement in the global financial sector has seen some new developments (which means that the indices have been seeing RED RED RED for the past couple of days but then again, January being a month for Quarter 4 results annoucements and forecasts + annual budget setting + Obama inaurgation happening pretty soon, I would say the volatility is within my expectation) ….. 12 months ago, you will never believe that this will happen to Citigroup …… and of course, given that AIG has taken so much of FED $$$, expect to see some downsizing / selling of subsidiaries pretty soon as well (for all you know, the AIA name may well become something else by end this year as I have heard on the grapevine that some of the more profitable Asian subsidiaries could be let go as well) …… I do hope this will be the most major news/movement for now as far as the global financial sector goes, there is only so much Lehmans we can withstand ……

Anyway Business/Marketing Plan is about 70-80% there now …… time to look into the Processes portion and finalize what needs to be fine-tuned and ta-dah, ready to go! ….. Btw  as mentioned to C just now, at least for this week, I finally do feel the passion and enthusiasum slowly coming back to me – one evidence of it is that I am face-booking a lot less now 😛 ….. Even with the 2nd consecutive ‘heart attack’ happening again on a Wed evening (after 9pm somemore as well), I feel a lot less angry as compared to last week …..

I guess the proposed TV/drama + 超級星光大道 update will have to wait ….. AGAIN !!


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