Weekend Round-Up

I have originally wrote 1 very angry entry on Thurs/Fri morning and another entry yesterday evening ….. but thanks to yet again another lazy sunday – slept in, distractions of TV and slacking the entry is once again uncompleted 😛

I have decided to put that originally angry Thurs/Fri entry into private mode after all …… lets just leave all the unhappiness and negativity behind (isnt what weekend is all about – rest and rejuvenate for the week’s challenges ahead) …… Yes it was such a roller-coaster of conflicting emotions @ work till to the point that I totally lost my appetite on Friday (read: no full meals) …… The more shocking realisation was that I can’t believe that I am losing my mental fitness so early into the year, sighz ……

I did have every best intention to head to Collin’s Sunday afternoon class but somehow the thought of wanting to do up a ‘perfect’ IPS distracted me from making the booking …… and as usual, if never book = sleep in on sunday = slacking at home 😛 …… In a way, it is all about MAKING TIME for something …… which explains why you make prior appointments and set aside certain fixed time to do/attend to something ……

OK, I did tell G that I was not too keen on clubbing/dancing but in the end, I did stay till abt 2am @ Movida on Sat …… was glad that I did, drinks and music as a welcome antidote for a roller-coaster week 😛 …… CNY dinner/lo-hei and another house party to come, haha ……

I also started to clear out some of the new clothes that I have bought (and stacked away in plastic bags) ….. another up!

One valuable lesson I am taking in is that

1. There is no point in fretting over things/situations where the problem doesn’t lie with you or when certain circumstances/factors are not in your control at all. Move on!

2. Always keep a cool head and in control. Do not let unexpected happenings sway your emotional/mental up-keep and distract you from your goals/targets. Keep the faith and persistence! (Was sharing with G over coffee on something along that lines :P)

Whilst checking my gmail earlier, this quote randomly proped up, which I would like to share

” Change your thoughts and you change your world. – Norman Vincent Peale

This guy has also a lot of other meaningful quotes here ……

Thus, I pray for some courage, wisdom and a week of steady progress ahead!


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