Witnessing CHANGE ……

A non-bitchy/non-complaint post for once 😛

I am now watching the US Presidential Inauguration Ceremony live on CNN right now (its too sobering to watch BOTH ceremony and Dow Jones/S&P500 dipping into red territory at the same time so CNN, rather than CNBC is the choice channel haha) ……

At point of writing, Joe Biden (vice-president) has just finished taking this oath ….. now its a interval of performance featuring a string quartet consisting of don’t-know-who with the exception of Yo-Yo Ma …… After which will be Obama’s turn to take the oath – officially as the 44th President of the United States ……

I shall not go too much into why Obama’s presidency is being so anticipated as I believe the change message has already been commented and analysed to death in the mass media and on the internet …… Just savor the moment of having the first African-American US President ever + the expectancy of hope and progress all of us have going foward his era will bring and beyond (considering that 2008 is pretty much a year of mistakes and a year to forget) ……

Hence such a historic moment is definitely blog-worthy 🙂


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