2 Days Into CNY ……

The extended weekend continues into CNY (Monday & Tuesday) ……

Today was a quiet day (as it has been since last remaining grandparent i.e. maternal grandma passed away in 2004) …… Mum decided no visiting of maternal side today (too crowded?) ……. instead just resting at home as tmr will be a busy day (Father’s side coming to our place!) …… Anyway I suppose there’s always the weekends to catch up visiting the elders (on Mum’s side) we are supposed to be visiting 😛

Hungry again so made a cup of milo for myself ……. After the usual mindless surfing, tv-ing, online shopping (shortlisted some items, hehe!) etc. ……. On a more cheerful note, finally started the 1st couple pages of my CFP Module 1 notes ( i.e. Foundations In Financial Planning) …… Would probably finish up on the remaining 3 steps of the Process b4 Zzzz ……..

Oh yes, CFP was something I had sorta wanted to blog about last week but did not get around doing so ……. Anyway another item off the list …… would be tough juggling both business and studying/upgrading proper ……. despite some *ahem* not so encouraging comments / negative criticisms on my decision to do this (in what is already expected to be a tough year so really need to concentrate on revenue), I intended to take this on as a challenge to work on my inner discipline and time management 🙂 …… If everything goes according to plan, I hope to finish up 3 modules and get my AWP title by this year end ……

Speaking of the above, time for some 牛年 resolutions 😛

1. To spend 1 hour every night reading my CFP notes (1 hour x 6 days = 6 hours … 2-3 hours on Sunday … total 8-9 hours!) before sleeping …… guarantee to sleep better as compared to drama chasing/youtubing 😛

2. Fix up my internet banking. I can’t find my red device (DBS). Did I leave it in office? Must go and sort it out!! Otherwise can’t pay out $$ ……

3. Gym lots (3rd & 4th day) and shop lots …… do some studying/reading/work planning/work admin within these 2 days too (decided to go back office on 5th day officially – heard its a better day to start work officially so small group meeting also postponed to Friday :P) ……

OK, last but not least ……



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