Hills Down …. Intervals Coming Up :p

Tiring Spin Class today (today was Hill Ride / Strength) ……. Plus the slight pain in right foot is back again (due to sitting posture??) thus decided to skip the short run – will make up for it on sat/sun instead ……

Since my mind is pretty much blank and my ‘official’ day back at work tmr/Friday starts with a 9am meeting …… I shall have to skip reading my CFP notes for tonight and go and wash up and Zzzz ……

In the meantime, I shall leave you guys with some videos /music to enjoy ……

David Tao – Fei Ji Chang De 10.30

This is his very 1st single that I first chanced upon radio one random day in year 1998 (yes, it has been 10 YEARS!!) ….. and hooked onto his R&B style ever …… Suddenly thought of this song just now so youtube-d it 🙂

Yoo Seung Jun – Na Na Na (K-Pop)

Yoo Seung Jun is one of the late 90s/early 00s K-Pop singers who have yet to break out into Hallyu wave …… that was before he was banished from Korea due to some army conscription scandal (from what I know, he decided to take up American citizenship instead so as to avoid mandatory military service and as such, he was banned from entering Korea ever again, some harsh stuff indeed) ….. but anyway sad fate …… I posted this more for significance, do note the leading lady in the MV 😛 ……


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