Quick Monday Entry

Was too tired & shack over the weekend + massive headachne on Sunday evening & problematic broadband signal meant that no blog (& nil studying done yest as well, shit man!) ……

Anyway we had finally started phase 2 of Project X on Saturday …… and boy, was totaly shacked out by Sat afternoon …… The most important thing to take away from here is that we have managed to eke out the very vital 1st step …… will modify and improve along the way …… I forsee busy times ahead (which is good considering market situation right now) …… And in a way, I kinda agree that too much idle time can be an ‘evil’ – in a sense that one will start imagining silly and unrelevant things aka hu2 shi1 luan4 xiang3 …… being busy means no time to over-analyse/over-think on unnecessary stuff, ha!

Gotta run ….. to a great week ahead!


I remembered the phrase which sums up what I meant to say …. “Idle people make the most mischief ” ……….


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