One Month On …… Should I?

It has been one month since this incident …… A thought flew into me over the course of the week – should I do a follow-up since it has been one month since I have decided to ‘leave them alone’ after the unpleasantness of that incident (not sure about them but I was somehwat pissed/annoyed/disappointed) ……

Should I take the initiative to talk to them about this issue and the originally proposed review (why they are so hesitant) …… on one hand, is it I was too hasty (I did mention that I would have preferred to see them before CNY, did they have the impression that I am pushing too hard?) …… but on the other hand, this was proposed in late dec/1st week of Jan so adequate time advance planning is already factored for …… and the FACT is that I have been busy post CNY – especially for the past 2 weeks when we started running phase 2 of Project X (as expected which is why I wanted to do the review in January as scheduled/detailed in my business planning) …… so in the very first place, I shouldn’t even have to feel guilty (or rather made to feel guilty) for someone’s overreaction to a 4-10 line news report / behavioural finance problems …….

Having said that, client will NEVER say that he/she overreacted and is sorry (ego ? face ?) ….. whatever it is, damage already done …… one month already given for both parties to ‘cool down’ ……. Hence should I take the initiative?

On an unrelated note, I havent been good with my CFP study plan 😦 …… 1 hour every day has become a spordiac 1 hour on odd days (as I have skipped tues, wed, thurs) …… and a bit behind intended schedule ….. so 2 hours today? Or time to re-evaluate and make changes to study plan?

Before I forget, TGIF Folks!