Bodycombat Special Class

Note:  Original entry was titled on Tuesday afternoon …… and resumed writing on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning whilst trying to blog, study, listening music …….

Back to original intended topic …… Monday’s Combat Class ……. it was my 3rd time ever @ Novena gym (since its opening in year 2006 that is – so that averages out to about 1 visit per year to Novena gym :P) …… Anyway the special ocasion was having a special guest instructor Stephanie from HK (one of the master trainers + the california fitness poster girl) team-teaching with Roger , and managed to leave the office early enough to head down to Novena …… Mainly the older tracks and Stephanie’s instructions were clear (although her voice kinda got slightly drowned out  by the blaring music – a little too loud for comfort) but nevertheless atmosphere was good and  great class which left me aching the next day 🙂 ………. Must check out her classes in HK next time though ……

Tuesday was pretty uneventful …… nothing noteworthy to write home other than my relatively yummy da-bao takeaway sushi & sashami dinner from Kuriya Fish Market 😛 …… As for today (Wednesday), had a full day course on communication skills & learnt tons of useful stuff (next step is to incorporate into action) ……. and managed to get some work ticked off my list of to-dos ……..

Speaking of to-do list, will be busy leading up to end week …… just Thurs (tmr) alone morning training refresher (kinda feel like skipping but kinda paiseh to do so – to cut the story short, gotta multi task tmr), goal setting with manager after lunch (got to translate business / sales plan figures & objectives onto template – not done yet) , appointment in the East that was postponed from Tues (more of getting to know future client so not planning to over-prepare), back to office to prepare appt for friday’s review with client / gym or run (foot seems better now so maybe can do a run tmr since Selene not taking spin class) …… not to mention having to tie-up some Project X admin & follow-ups (gradually settling down a bit more within the planned schedule, but still lots of work but end of the day, I have the confidence that we will reap the desired rewards from it and prove a point that it is not dooms day – contrary to the gloom that the newspapers and the naysayers have been perpetuating you with day-in-day-out) ……

Speaking of which, I finally remembered what I wanted to blog about originally ……. with regards to my previous entry, decided that most likely will schedule a call to said client within this week if schedule fits (if not next week when schedule is more freed up) …… and take it from there …… after all, take-away from today’s full day training is that if you don’t ask, all the more you are confirmed to fail ……. and yes, the issue of ‘free-riders’ who just want to ‘take’ ‘take’ ‘take’ and ride on other people’s effort (said incident happened over the last weekend) – which IRRITATES me to the core. Maybe it is a matter of expectations – I believe I can be very harsh when it comes to this aspect (don’t do/say something to give me the expectation/false hope and later on bring it crashing down right with your 2 bare hands) ….. Bottomline, I did not do the ‘so-called’ work/analysis/research and since the said intellectual property does not belong to me, in the very 1st place, I shouldnt even be distributing it all over the shop. To me, it is a matter of respect for the authors/creators of the work. How would you feel if someone just wholesale access your proprietary materials without asking for your permission right? …… So using ’emotional blackmail’ to persuade me to doing so not only does not work, it ANNOYS me to the core as well …… If you want something, jolly well put in the damn hard work (and as a friend, can come and ask me questions and/or explore together along the way,  but copying/leeching wholesale is just not very acceptable) ……

Will stop here before my thoughts become more disconnected and dis-organized


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