Boys Over Flowers

Decided to start off another entry so that its less dis-joined …… Work & CFP aside, another item that has been keeping me busy has been drama watching /chasing ……

Apart from the staple TV diet on channel 55 (plus the reruns lately on channel 8 and u), the main distraction that has taken me away from blogging lately has been …….

*drum rolls*

Presenting to you BOYS OVER FLOWERS !!!!!!


Korea finally has its own version of Hana Yori Dango / Meteor Garden after Taiwan & Japan (produced by KBS) …… And despite the original plan to wait for it to be broadcast on KBS World (Ch 173), but cannot wait anymore coz’ Korea is already on Episode 14 and KBS World has only started telecasting this week onwards (which is like 1.5 month lag, how to tahan man) …… Anyway there is always ‘you-kn0w-where’ to watch it la, hehe ……..

Anyway some preliminary thoughts in point form:

* This has got to be the best version (out of Taiwan, Japan, Korea) and certainly lives up to the hype …… feedback from netizens is that this verison is closest feel to manga …… I have never read the manga but I was certainly put off by the Taiwan & Japanese versions 😛 (actually the Japanese version ain’t so bad but I just do not like Matsumoto Jun for one reason or another)

* Apparently best acted version & also casting was closest in feel to the original manga …… Sets are beautiful too! They even went New Caledonia and Macau (they went to the Venetian) to film!!!

* A REALLY GOOD Domyouji (aka Dao Ming Shi /Goo Joon Pyo) – both in looks and acting. Lee Min-Ho is the man!! HAHA!!

* I know Rui (aka Hua Zhe Lei / Yoon Ji Hoo) is supposedly the 2nd male lead, and an very important character but Kim Hyun Joong’s acting is just not doing it for me … Vic Chou had the melancholy look while Hyun Joong simply looks blank (thus Vic Chou is the better actor but I heard the Japanese version’s Shun Oguri was the best!)

* Leading on to the above, my gut feel is that they will make Yi Jung’s (acted by Kim Bum) part to be more prominent (as compared to original manga) ….. After all Kim Bum has the looks and has way better acting skills than Kim Hyun Joong! Makes some sense ……

Have been cold turkey on the episodes this week though, and slowly down slightly since its currently up to episode 14 only ….. will resume the marathon this weekend though 😛 ….. In the meantime, I still keep up to date with the developments via the summaries on Dramabeans – they come out really fast (e.g. one episode shown in Korea on Monday and summary will be out by Tuesday afternoon) ……. guess that will do for now …….

OK …. time for Zzzz ….. another early start and long day later (tmr) !!


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