Cheer Chen 陳綺貞

A couple of days back …… I randomly heard an old Cheer Chen song and thus got inspired enough to youtube through her videos  …….

(Btw, Cheer Chen is a Taiwanese singer-composer. You can read more about her here.)

1. Kick-Ass Live Version of 躺在你的衣櫃

2. One of My All-Time Favourites – 旅行的意義

Love the simplicity of the lyrics which yet at the same time tell a story which Cheer emotes very well ….. gives a new spin on the meaning of travelling 🙂

3. 還是會寂寞

This is one of her earlier songs (in 2000 I think?) before her current more rock-oriented phase (starting from the Groupies album) …… And no, posting it does not imply that I am feeling ‘lonely’ …… The most important thing is that it still sounds so good and timeless 9-10 years on ……. Good music really knows no boundaries …….

She has a lot of other great songs …… her new album 太陽 is also out in the stores. Will check it out soon!


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