Me, Myself …..

1st Disclaimer – I am not self-obsessed!!!!! Ha!

Rather, this is a homage to Adidas’s newly minted Me, Myself campaign that is creating some buzz …… there’s this really cool looking widget that is available as a facebook application – Me Time ….. Will paste mine here once I figure out how to transport to wordpress (can’t do it now due to lack of time + droopy eyes) …….

Just earlier in the evening, unfortunately, it took me longer than expected (1.5 hours) to figure out how the mail merge function words on Word 07 (and I can’t believe I did take THAT LONG as I have allocated only 1/2 hour for this)….. then got offered a ride all the way home from colleague (which sort of explains why the night feels so long) thus chop chop pack up and reached home before 10pm …… And preparing some updates now ….. the number crunching makes me feel sleepy …… but bo bian, appt slotted in last min for tmr …… anyway my intention is not to over-prepare and instead, spend more time and effort to listen to client and their concerns – yes keep that focus ……

Plus 3 other major tasks to be slotted in tmr morning – one case to follow up … one belated call … to teach the admin to do the mail merge ….. plus project stuff & tasks to be sorted out ….. and I still WANT to make it for a short run tmr evening …… arghhh sometimes you just wish you have 48 hours in a day!

So I guess catching some shut-eye now is the best solution to the above 😛 ….. And my CFP notes (Lesson 6) will have to wait another day I suppose ……….


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