Temporarily Pissed Again …..

Got the 1st batch of letters mailed out (PROJECT WORK) …… packed up and left office at 930pm (as planned) ….. supper with friend ……

Spent $20 on cab home after supper ….. somehow got kinda worked up over a comment by my sister …… trial version of Microsoft Office expired (meaning to say that I can no longer edit documents on my ACER laptop, boo!) ……

And spent the past 1 hour searching for MS Office deals online …..

A couple of emo-ness and tantrums later, I am beginning to feel silly 😦 …..

I think a good sleep would improve my mood ….. looks like tommorrow will be back in office to catch up on the remaining outstanding issues + settle on the MS Office + maybe pop by to orchard to trim my bangs? ….. And catch up on 1.5 – 2 hour study tommorrw (since no mood to study today liao) …..

No fieldwork also bogged down as ever ….. but I guess tmr will be a better day when Iwake up!


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