Eyes Wide Shut

Am zonked out after a long day (consisting of a 6 hour long PD Day/Training) .. a bit of office work (not before some client troubles) .. and then a wedding party to attend ……

All shacked ….. so simply stoned ….. compiled the fund listing (finished all categories except for 1 section) ….. some miscellaneous surfing later ….. and with eyeballs drooping, shall take a study & TV/Drama break tonight instead and go to bed early for once. I think its time to call it for a night (and an early bedtime for once) ……

To do list looks long (as usual) but I guess will wake up early and see what happens tommorrow ……..

P/S: Between I was attempting to put the Adidas Me-Time as a side widget on Sunday but 1+ hours of figuring out, decided to give up ….. and so while proceeding to add in entries, realised that I do not know how to add entries …. so duh, guess it will just remain as a static calendar then until I figure it out 😛


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