To Be A Problem Solver …

One big kick I get is to be a problem-solver (i.e. especially in work and some aspects of personal life) …… it is always better to be able to do something to rectify/improve/resolve the situation as versus to being part of the problem …….

Anyway please do note that posting such a topic IS NOT a hint NOR trying to attack anyone in particular (although truth be told, this disclaimer is absolutely necessary just in case some readers have the mistaken notion that such an entry is to attack/suan someone ….. which is well ludicrous coz’ this is my own blog, well I guess like what I always tell friends/colleagues, never try to be gei kiang lor coz’ assumption is indeed the mother of all fuck-ups and misunderstandings, experience will testify to that) ……

Anyway that aside, came across this piece in weekly company newsleter so here it goes ……

Problem Solving

Often by ignoring problems, we allow them to grow. Resolution should be quick so that problems do not become overwhelming. While the problem is still relatively small, attempt to decipher exactly what would be needed to have it resolved for good. Ascertaining this information before you begin is actually the first step to ensuring that the problem is rendered powerless. Acting quickly will also guarantee that the problem hasn’t gotten completely out of hand. Here are a few tips on effective problem solving:

Get all the facts
Weigh up all the facts – then come to a decision
Once a decision is reached – ACT!!
Answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • What are the causes of the problem?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • What is the best possible solution?

Source: The Dale Carnegie Course®


Another new week begins ….. one very impt thing to do, finish up the syllabus and get started on mock exam questions (CFP) ….. and look for financial caculator (for CFP exam as well) …….


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