The Countdown Begins ……

Exam begins 2 weeks from now ….. let the countdown begin !!

Completing the last bit of syllabus ….. time to hit the sample exam questions ……. pretty much on schedule ……

I realised that I havent been reading any proper book as the only thing I read these days is my CFP notes …..  shall buy a new book as a reward after exams finish, hehe …….

Sometimes, when you know that you have done your best and put in your best efforts, we can only hope for the bestest outcome possible …… whatever happens will happen ……. a case I had worked hard on did not get through in the end (because the bank could not agree with the valuers on the property type) ….. I was ok about it, as at this stage, this is out of my control, as both me (and client concerned) knew that we had done our best …… I just hope that the rest of the remaining deals will go smoothly after this ‘bump’ …..

Totally random rambling aside, I guess at times, the question we ask ourselves, have we really really did our best? Any regrets that your best may not be enough?

Food for thought!


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