Of Ezlink, Adidas Combat & Fortune Cookie

In my haste (and also in an annoyed state of mind), I realised on my way home that I did not have my farecard and gym pass (put together in same plastic case) with me …… 15 min of search back in office and bag to no avail …… As I refused to buy a new ezlink card ($5 non-refundable deposit), I would have to make a more concrete search for it again tmr (bag, office whatever) ……

I did Adidas Combat yesterday evening (Thurs) at the gym …… It is simply Bodycombat on faster, more pop-type music that is NON-STOP, more aerobic in style (chereography closer to that of boxercise with many repeittions), higher intensity and much stronger focus on core and conditioning …… the butt and thighs especially have this dull slient ache even one day on …… but anyway it was still a good sweat inducing workout by any means 😛

I also happened to come across this website which dispenses out Fortune Cookies online ….. would like to share some interesting ones there,

Dream lofty dreams, and as you are, so shall you become —    this was the very first one that I came across.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

You can never been certain of success, but you can be certain of failure if you never try.

—    the last 2 seems to be telling me something especially in my current state of mind ……

Anyway, you will never know what you will get so do check it out!


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