Study Break Update

Have taken the past 2 days (Thurs  & Fri) off to concentrate on last min revision for exam this Sat …. Yes, D-Day is THIS SAT ….. can’t wait for it to get out of the way so that I can pick back up the momentum of work and other social activities ……

Was supposed to do a spin class just now at Raffles but ended up sleeping in 😛 …… been such a slouch when it comes to gymming/exercise ….. only did a slow run on Tues and ended up with slight hip pain on the right side, sighz …… Anyway still have some chapters/areas to go through again (i.e. the chapters that I am weaker in – based on the results from the mock exam questions) so may be a better decision to stay home to study after all (considering that the notes are in ONE THICK RING FOLDER) and save some travel time ……

So it has basically been eat, sleep, study, watch tv cycle ………

I cant wait to get going once exams are out of the way! Hope to get down to my Quarter 1 review and Quarter 2 planning post exams 🙂


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