Of Unrealistic/Unreasonable Expectations ….

Some thoughts came to me as I lay on my bed this morning …… hmmmmm ……

On the topic of unrealistic/unreasonable expectations …. 1st as in dictionary terms :

Unrealistic – inappropriate to reality or fact

Unreasonable – not governed by or acting according to reason (or) exceeding the bounds of reason or moderation

So really, in chinese this is what we call 一线aka threading across a very thin line. Taking it one step further, unreasonable expectations/behavior is the result of unrealistic expectations to begin with? Or to put it in a nicer manner, differing/incongruity/mis-matching expectations between two/multiple parties to begin with …….

Of course, the word ‘unreasonable’ has very much a negative connotation/sound to it …… but I guess it is unavoidable when no compromise can be made and each party is insistent on his/her stance on the matter – in other words stubbornness/blind faith …… the conclusion can only be general at best unless we have a FULL understanding of the situation ……

As it is, in my business/work, I come across and have to deal with, on a daily basis clients/prospects with unrealistic/unreasonable demands and expectations (at times, not all the time, thank god because for every 5 people who are like that, there will still be 1 nice and reasonable person). In work and life, we always talk about managing expectations as part of building trust and relationship, if expectations are not set/handled properly, conflicts and unhappiness start to occur ……

End of the day, no one is perfect, we all learn from our mistakes and be better for it …… acknowledge your shortcomings, work on them and move on. No point hanging onto the past (for the past is already over and done with, so why dwell on it. Dwelling on it only permeates more negativity into the situation and prevents one from seeing the ‘light’) ….. Although having said that, I admit not many can take the bruising to the ego when such a situation occurs. Once again, it is only one thin line separating perseverance and stubbornness (and justifying it to get back at someone) …….

Seriously, 对有些事不必太执著!