Remainder of The Long Weekend

Whilst I have one million and one thoughts (and list of to-dos) as per se whilst counting down to the end of the long weekend once again ……

I came across this lovely bouquet @ Sparkle Thots blog, the all green bouquet emits a very cheerful feeling,thus would like to share here going into a Sunday, courtesy of Martha Stewart ……….


By the way, massage was good yesterday (although therapist feedbacked that body was stiff and not relaxed enough, maybe 1st time doing oil-based massage that’s why the anxiousness and apprehension) ……. As a result of feeling less bloated, although upper back and shoulders are a lot more stiff (the post-massage achne is more obvious in these areas) …… I am now Xxxxx poorer as well as I have signed package 😦 ……..

As I was doing my massage and chatting with the therapist, I noticed one trend in their sales pitch ……. as a way of promoting THEIR benefits, they will tell you things like don’t do gym (coz’ builds up muscles and makes you look fuller), do yoga, do lots of massages (which will help you detox and slim down) ……. yes, although I can feel the detox effects much better (but the lemon & cold water I took this morning did have an effect as well, hehe), and I did feel a lot less bloated (note: less bloated doesnt mean slim down/lost weight) …… but I find it presumptous that they think that their oils and massage therapies can aid in burning away the fats/calories like some miracle pill …… although I do not deny that massage does help in relaxation and aiding muscle recovery (which is one of the reasons why I took the package, figured that my sis can also use some of it as well) …… I guess they need to hard-sell a bit so that people will come back again and again, but still ……. don’t put down the gymsters and runners lah and insist that YOUR approach is the best ……….

As we always say, only you know your body and abilities best so end of the day, your wellness/fitness/life program has to suit yourself and your own needs …….. Will these comments put me off from gymming and running and doing weights? NO …… in fact when I started to cut down on weights and resistance exercises (due to limited time, focusing more on cardio instead), my running injuries are much more frequent so what does that tell you yah?….. More pilates-based exercises and a return to BodyBalance classes to come ……

Anyway whatever it is, my right side /hip sprain is better now 🙂


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