Finally Cleared ……..

Aha …. finally found some energy and mood for a quick blog entry (and hopefully that same energy and enthusiasum will translate into my CFP text as well, only 2 pages into it so far :P) ……

Anyway am just relieved that have finally cleared my blocked nose (yeah, felt sick on friday evening …. the usual sore throat, then blocked nose/flu, followed by fever …. but no, its not H1N1!) after like …… 6 continous days of meds, a bit longer than the usual recovery cycle …… think the crazily HOT weather+ erratic air-con system in office does not help matters (felt really shitty yesterday at work) ……. so rewarded myself with a short gym workout earlier in the evening 🙂

OK, still in a sort of writers block & yawning from the meds (final dosage, yeah!) ….. so will continue tmr ……


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