Half-way Into The Year ……

Time to *ahem* wipe off some dust off this blog with an entry ……

Suppose I have been in some sort of blogger’s block ……no mood to blog any thing …….

Anyway was supposed to have my haircut today but decided to postpone it to Sunday instead because (1) July 5th is start of 2nd half of year, a new hairstyle will make it more meaningful ….. but seriously (2) things to settle at work so can’t leave early (3) Adidas Combat @ Bugis Gym (the flabs hanging ard my body is A HINT!) …… (4) Wed evening would be a better timing but salon is closed on Wed …….. so there u go!

One thing i have realised is that when I sit down and do my weekly planning properly (supposed to be weekly but I am guilty of skipping odd weeks here and there), I find that I am more efficient and focused for the week, so one thing to do later ….. Work wise, have enough requests/things to keep me busy, hope it all leads to a tangible result yeah …… still need to mangae my time better though ……

At times, a part of me is what I label a “slient rebel” – in the sense that I would very much prefer to get things done MY WAY as contary to general perceived opinon/what people think you should be doing …… For instance, friend thinks I should give her stylist a go (as she is of the perceived opinon that her stylist will give me a new look as versus to my current stylist), did try the treatment there and let’s just say my conclusion is that I still prefer my current stylist (more comfortable with her) …… the idea here is – get a new look just because someone thinks so as versus to because this is what I want …… you get the drift?

Very often, decisions are made .. things are done …… because this is what you want or rather this is because people expect you to? The end result (success) is whatever case should always be on your own terms as versus to being a slave of other people’s expectations …… Of course I also believe that it is important to have the necessary facts to make a decision i.e be discerning …….At the end day, the final choice is up to you, don’t tell me it is circumstances blah blah blah because the fact of the matter is – you are already given the right to make a choice and to live with whatever consequences (good or bad) that come with it!

I suppose this has been one of the key things I have learnt going into half-way point of 2009 so far!


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