Exam Is Over ……

Has been a good 2+ weeks since my last entry ….. time to wipe off some dust here šŸ˜› (after a bout of blogger’s block + laziness over weekend) ………

Anyway the exam monkey is finally off my back! Super relieved …… This time round, the mood and the enthusiasum was a lot less compared to the last round (Jan-Early Apr) and easily tiring , having to juggle between doing business, studying, exercising/running ……. Was actually comtemplating during the last 2 weeks whether to continue another module next round or to take a ‘break’ and ramp up another project to end off banding year ….. Will have the next 2-3 weeks to seriously think about it ……….

And of course, some things to look foward to now that exams are over :-

1. Declutter – trying to make more progress on it since exams are now over

2. Get a good workout post exams(Kinda tired out, physically and mentally with exam + late night outing on Sat, so no gym!)

3. Sit down and get organized (havent been really ‘on the ball’ for the past week so as to speak, as I wanted to get the exam out of my mind/way)

4. Upcoming HK Trip! Finally have the ‘space’ and energy to plan what to do

5. Bali Branch Retreat cum Mid Year Review

6. A bit of shopping – saw some cheap work heels on sale on Sat (HK shoe sizes tend to be smaller so will just get in Spore)

7. Get some business done before I start to travel! (Another referral came in. Yes!!)

8. Get a new phone (delayed my decision on it as I got caught up with studying + problems with laptop 2 weeks ago .. decided to take a phone under the Take 3 plan instead so lapsed the $100 voucher)

I am extending my office break to today as well (took Friday off to do some last min studying/revision b4 exam last sat) …… so that I can do some clearing/decluttering, planning/organization, get a good workout (after skipping gym the entired weekend), do a bit of window shopping ……

Alright, here’s to a great week ahead!


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