End of August

Once again its high time to wipe some dust off this blog …… before the clock strikes 12 😛

To sum it up …… August was a pretty ‘action-packed’ month ……

1. Moved one step further in client reviews/proposals

2. Took 2 back to back trips – Hong Kong & Bali

3. Caught a flu in Bali ….. subsequently took another week off – a bit of a low point after the holiday high 😦

4. Had to contend with some very ridiculous behavior – another low point

5. Started drama marathon again

6. Successfully re-kick started my exercise/workout regime after 2 weeks of inactivity (Bali & Flu)

7. Passed my CFP Module 5 (truly a miracle considering the internal stress/pressure I was feeling intensely juggling studying and work)

No matter what, on 2nd thought, I am glad that I have gotten away from Singapore and also taken the additional one week off work to fully rest & recover …… and at the time of writing, I have just returned home from gym workout, satisfied my dumpling craving and had a warm bowl of home-cooked noodles …….

Moving into the last quarter of the year, its time to chiong once again ! (in terms of work wise and personal development wise)


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