G2000 Black Label

Before I start on my way way overdue travel entries, need to rant on something ……..

I have actually chanced upon G2000’s Black Label during my Hong Kong trip over the National Day weekend. It was actually my 1st time hearing / finding out that G2000 has a Black Label collection (from various sources on the internet – Black Label is a more premium/higher end business wear collection). Anyway being more premium, it is also of a higher pricing than the normal G2000 and Pink Label collection that is more commonly available in Singapore …… but materials and cutting is also of a better quality as well 🙂

Got a top at ard KH$220-$250 after discount (works out to between SGD$41-$46 based on exchange rate of 5.36). Guys shirts were at a steal for like HK$180 each (SGD$33.58) considering that its more premium than the normal G2000 (which is HK$90 after discount).

So I thought since its time to add on some new stuff to my ‘stale’ wardrobe, decided to check out the G2000 Black Label after work yesterday (supposedly there were 2 black label outlets @ Bugis and Parkway Parade). Went down to Bugis Junction and walked one round, only to find out there is no longer any Black Label store in Singapore (Subsequent check on internet shows that there is only a Black Label Mens Corner left in Isetan Scotts). The salesgirl told me that the premium office wear segment is probably too competitive, so that’s why they only carry generic G2000 and Pink Label collection in Singapore (which is a lot of knitwear that I do not fancy that much) ……

Well, a bit ‘dui’ since I was prepared to pay a bit more for better quality cutting and material and have specifically went down to take a look. And so moral of the story

*  Must buy Black Label stuff when you are in HK (esp. during sale time!)

*  Should have swipped a few hundreds more off my credit card since Black Label can’t be found in Singapore (which I might have done if I had went to go a bigger G2000 outlet on Kowloon side)

Perhaps an incentive to go back HK again? Think my post-holiday syndrome is still persisting ……….

2 thoughts on “G2000 Black Label

  1. amazing to know of above article….i must share this valuable feedbk since i am now a product manager for g2–Black label. i am excited to seeing new and revival of black label from fall 10 onwards…..!!

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