Random Thursday Afternoon Ramblings ……

This photo entry/uploading photos business is taking me longer than expected ……

Once again, some random ramblings (before I resume the photo entries in chronological order) and ‘more’ food for thought ……

The other day, whilst at Annual Strategic Review, our top producer shared with us the following :-

(Disclaimer: I can’t remember the exact words but roughly it is like this)

A failure works according to his mood

A mediocre person works according to his emotion

A successful person works according to his passion

I would think most of us will fall in between 2 and 3 …… but what struck me is that it can be very dangerous to fall into the trap of 1 …… in that sense, I admit I can be mood-driven at times, which may not be very ideal in certain circumstances …….

Definition of passion from wikipedia – Passion can be expressed as a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion towards a subject, idea, person, or object. A person is said to have a passion for something when they have a strong positive affinity for it. A love for something and a passion for something are very similar feelings.

As mentioned, it is some food for thought ……. hmmm


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