Breaking The Monkey + Sports News Update

Just want to make a quick note here that Liverpool has finally broken ‘their monkey’ …..

Well in case you wonder what is the great big deal …… considering all the press was about Rafael Benitez possibly going out of a job like soon ….. guess THIS is what they need to do yeah (its a big deal because it is Man U that you are talking about) ….. And no co-incidence that Vidic gets sent off for the 3rd time running against Liverpool 😛 …….. I do hope this is the breakthrough Liverpool gets to stop the rot (considering that they were really great last season and made the League more exciting) …….

And yes, one week late (drama whoring to blame!) …… Brawn GP are the champions! May be already stale news for some but its definitely the underdog story of the year!! One up for the underdogs 🙂

Hope to get the blogging momentum back soon anyway …….. that’s all for now …….

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