Way Overdue Blog !

Oops ….. I think I spoke too soon with regards to this 😦

Anyway have been twitting way more than blogging ……. Twitting is for quick updates (and purging out ‘s**t) whilst I hope to blog more qualitative entries (with pictues from time to time) …… Yeah I know the HK picture entries are far from done but it doesn’t help when the photo uploader is really slow + distraction of ikemen – which means less blogs and more backlog 😛 ……….

To recap, liverpool crash aside, it wasn’t exactly a great weekend (as you can gleam from the twitter updates) ……. Acer laptop is down once again (power surge problem? OS problem? Can’t back-up even from safe mode? The disruption to work flow as I do majority of my work on Acer as it is faster pc) ….. work matters …… lost my cards in the taxi (although did get it back later thanks to kind taxi driver) ……….

As twitter-ed, bad stuff always happens starting from the Friday before GE Run (it was the same case last year so maybe a sign that I should not do GE Run next year??) …… and 2009 is no exception …….  and also everytime before I was to write an investment update for my clients (was the same back in July when the Acer crashed) ……. Co-incidence?

Of course the light at the end of the ‘tunnel’ is that

1. Managed to get my data back thanks to alternative solution proposed by Acer Technician which cost me only $20 + $7 taxi fare + being caught in the rain + more ‘me’ time away from office …… it pays to listen to alternative solutions as it saved me $300 (if I would’ve opted for the 100% success rate data recovery service) …….

2. Got back my cards (farecard, access card, gym card + miscellaneous cards) which I have dropped in the taxi on Sunday morning thanks to kind taxi driver who went the extra mile to call massage place (and they subsequently passed along his message) …… so it was a good thing that I succumbed to the pushy sales tactics of the massage/spa place right (after complaining about the ‘sales-y’ part to my friends and colleagues quite regularly) …… And of course, I believe good karma pays 🙂 ….. So always do good to people and not have a mean tongue and negative thoughts …….

3.  Have some ‘me’ time away from the office (just what I needed) …… there are times when I get quite irritated with the un-necessary gossip going on in the office and the ocasional negative energy there ……. So there are times when Wendy must be focused and learn to ignore!

I just realised that I have not done any sort of workout since GE Run last sunday ….. but guess will put in some gym tommorrow/friday as priorities on more urgent matters for now ….. Hope to get my laptop back by this weekend as well …… plus also blog more (a couple thoughts and reflections in the pipeline) …….. And yeah, will change my massage appt to next next sunday instaed since Collin is doing intervals this sunday and I have not spinn-ed for 3 weeks already ………

Shall go for a nice lunch to celebrate 1-3 before hitting office for the planned 1/2 day ….. Ciao for now!


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