An update to this entry ……

This is the original letter that sparked off insurers reply. Reproduced as below.


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Nov 13, 2009
End exclusion penalty

IT WAS heartening to read on Monday that United States President Barack Obama’s proposed changes to the health-care insurance system passed an initial legislative hurdle which obviously benefits ordinary people (‘US health-care Bill passed in tight vote’).

President Obama’s plan not only helps provide health-care insurance to those who do not have it at lower cost, but also helps to end discrimination by insurance companies against people with pre-existing medical conditions.

I underwent an angioplasty procedure four years ago while working for a company covered under Aviva Healthcare group’s insurance.

When I left the company, I wanted to continue with the insurance but was rejected. I tried to get health insurance under NTUC Income but was quoted such a prohibitively expensive premium, the policy might as well have been restricted to the wealthy.

With medical costs rising in Singapore, I hope the Government will protect uninsured ordinary citizens like me who have a pre-existing medical condition from discrimination by insurers.

Senior citizens are a significant group who need government help to secure health insurance.

The Government could consider a public health-care insurance option to provide medical care, and protect it, for the uninsured, seniors and excluded citizens like me with pre-existing medical conditions.

Kaliannan Tamilselvam


You have heard my thoughts in my previous entry. Of course, once your letter is sent in to the ST Forum, ST has the discretion to edit the original contents (fit for publishing) so there is always the possiblity that the  original contents were edited to show a bias towards certain parties (personal thoughts only ah …. don’t flame me!) …… But the comments made by netizens at the bottom are quite telling ain’t it …….

真的是越瞄越黑 hor!


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